In another life I would have been a Cherubim, a rat or a gazzele, I  really don't know. Right now am a journalist by training, a writer by birth and a graphic designer/computer geek  by  choice.

I   also blog at  Sleepwalking in Nairobi a really cool site,if you can read my rants here then you can read the serious part of me. You should check it out.
You can reach me on twitter @Erykko.Here you can wine and dine with me. Well, you must be paying the bill.

I leave you all with the words of the famous! Kenyan-man!
                                                    "I got no apologies"

The stuff below is utterly useless and not intended for your eyes. Oh, cleaver one.

I listen to rock music only
okey, you can scrap out the only part because I am still mad about Afro-fusion [whatever that is]
I speak out my mind
You might find some posts and pictures bordering on absurdity or even pornography,............yes porn. I hate it but if it pops up and makes news ill post it here for all and sundry
I have a great appetite
I dont discriminate on food though i have a small body. [I look like those malnourished athletes you see on TV though I cant run 20 meters without panting and hemming.] I eat anything on my plate and i dont have any favorite dish. Food whether in 100 courses or half a plate has only one purpose, to travel down your guts past the stomach to the bowels where it goes home. The loo.
If you are a keen reader, you will learn the rest of me as you traverse on the posts


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