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Murphy’s Law is an axiom detonating that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, at the right or the wrong time depending on the situation. The law is correct to the letter. The happenings do not necessarily mean that the victim is superstitious. It happens to anybody when they least expect it. I am not sure where the members of the rock band Murfy’s fLaw got their name from but it is nowhere near these experiences.
Top on the list is the law of queues. The moment you change a queue, the one you left will start to move faster than the one you are in now. The best thing is to stick to a none or slow moving queue.
Next on the unfortunate line is the law of mechanical repair. This one you never learned in your physics class nor is it taught in any engineering class. The instant your hands get coated with grease, your nose or eyes start itching. This does not only apply to grease but a multitude of murky stuff you coat your hands with but you can never let any near your face.

Law of the phones lies next. Never will you dial a wrong number to find it engaged, there is always a stranger at the other end to cut you off with stream of abuses and warnings. Then there is the law of alibi. You lie to your that you are late because you had a flat tire or you got stuck in a traffic jam, the next morning be ready for either of them and it won’t be an enjoyable experience.
Then there is law of bath water. When you dip in to a pool, lock yourself in the bathroom or get immersed in the bathtub, the phone starts ringing. Lastly there is the law of coffee. You arrive at the office in a freezing cold morning craving for a hot cup of coffee. Sure enough you get it, the moment you settle down to enjoy it the boss asks you to do something which will last until it is completely cold and useless.
I don’t whose conspiracy it is which has resulted to all this but it if it has not caught up with you, it will soon.


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