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I don’t have anything against high school students but they are just daft. How else would you explain the rate they are picking up in burning schools and striking?
It started with a little known Endarasha in Nyeri. The dippy students set a dorm on fire and in the process killed one of their own. The trend now seems to be catching up with every high school countrywide. If they are not burning property down they are rioting like maniacs. Setting a dorm on fire is a hard and mentally tasking job. Picture this, 10 cleaver chaps among the hundreds come together and like drug kingpins devise to burn something down. Scratching their heads and profusely sweating, they contribute parent’s hard earned cash to the noble reason of acquiring petrol. It is not only tasking but expensive. They sacrifice a week’s bread for this noble cause.
A hero in the group comes out and decides to sneak out of the school armed with the cash and a jerrican. Sooner or later, he comes back with the prize. Lighting is not a hard job. The kids smoke everything smokable so a match box is readily available. The innocent kids are under the protection of their parents who cannot let teachers punish them.  Only a parent will punish a child with love [whatever that is]. Letting a stranger [read teacher] do it is putting a child’s life on danger. Who knows, he/she might decide to unleash frustrations on the poor kid who cannot hurt a fly. Come to think of it. Hurting a fly is one hard and shoddy mess. Trying to swat it is not the easiest of tasks. You chase it over and over and when you finally subdue it-yuck!
The kids can not hurt a fly but can light a dorm. A dorm is like a sitting duck, harmless and immobile. With no better use for the matchsticks after smoking all the paraphernalia, they decide to light the duck.
I woke up to the news that Naivasha High School students had gone on rampage while few others from a neighboring school were arrested with cans of petrol. If they were to help their brothers or bring down their own school, I don’t know. One fact here stands out clear. The kids are heading on the wrong direction and with no clear reasons.
They themselves have reasons which are not evident to the outside world but they must have a feeling that their reasons are highly relevant. Why else would you set something on fire?


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