Bure Kabisa

Friday, February 17, 2012 0 comments
Music as a form of art is wide and can be expressed in many different forms. A saying (or my mind manufacture)  says that there is a musician in everybody which is not entirely true. You have to give it up for the real artistes who go out of their way and churn out awesome tunes. Music is also universal and highly ignorant of language and race. My guys BillyCole and Kevinsky (Mababa Squad) are not very new in this industry. They have been experimenting for some time and I believe they have finally found their perfect niche. This is through an awesome swahili-Kwaito (if there is anything as such) track Bure Kabisa. The song richly borrows from greats like Dj Cleo, HHP etc. Produced by Mtu Kawaida, he of the world famous Yunasi. Here is the hillarious song.


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