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How I miss the golden olden days
When the wisps of dew whipped my nose
And washed my bare feet spotlessly clean
Sky melodies from birds refreshed my ears
When I tensed not, worried not

Listen to my grandmother’s tales
Brush my teeth with sweet sugarcane
Huddle close to mother and escape biting cold
Climb, jump and fall from trees
Gain my fun scars

Now a car hoot wakes me up
Instead of birds chirp
Warm contaminated, treated water
Instead of stream’s cool clear life breathe

The grassy and dry plains
My heart longs for thee`
Hot scorching sun, a short acacia in the vicinity
Now I look out for air conditioner

Up and running every day
In search of elusive cash and happiness
When I could just whistle and whisper to the herds
Like a jolly good fella
With no worry or fail waiting

Drive the flocks to the stead in the dusk
Repeat of the circle at the dawn
No bustle and hassles, fear of the cheetah and lion
And a Maa wielding a spear and shield
Delighted to use my bows and arrows once again

I relish the days, when the air was cool and fresh
Toxic fumes clog my nose
Passive smoking endangers my lungs
Miss camel and donkey’s back
A noisy matatu blasts my ear drums

All in the name of industrialization and modernization
Creation of this soulless concrete jungle
How wish to get away from it
But poor me, I can’t!

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