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I happen to be pretty much impatient, but love completely kills some characters or makes them disappear in lovely occasions. Ladies are the most patient creatures in the universe. Spending 3 hours or more in one sitting place is not easy.
The guts and the patience required there is simply incomprehensible. Salons are the culprits in this. The stuff done in one salon is so time consuming that I have come to a certain conclusion. Hair dressers are the most overworked in all the professions. Considering the number of ladies we have who have some care for their beauty and hair, spending 6 hours on a single head is self and work inflicted torture. Atwoli should look in to this rather than making noise over N.H.I.F blood suck. That one he will never win. Not when he is against one Anyang Nyong. Still I seriously doubt if he can win this one I am delegating him to.
I have spent my time in salon several times. With the one who will bring forth my investments [as wahome mutahi used to say] and having my hair blow dried. It is one of the most painful practices since child birth. I think I will undergo it again only under special medication and doctor’s orders that if I do not do something about my hair, it will be cut off or I will develop a serious, life threatening complication. A cool harmless name which doctors use rather than say a disease which will take you to grave faster than you can say Kifo pap!


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