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What is happening to our politicians and other big shots like Brother Paul? We are bored with the plain news where anything of interest is now the stale constitution implementation. Goldenberg came and went and it was a real definition of juicy and fun. A world cup-like interest in TV was witnessed during the commission’s proceedings. Moving on to near past, free primary education scandal promised to be one but somebody killed it before its maturity. Maize scandal was another one which made watching TV news a worthwhile experience. Drunks could pause in bars, have their spacers and watch the news.
If people stopped stealing or coming up with interesting scandals, it would spell doom to many groups. These include myriad of public watchdogs like bunge ya mwananchi, civil society groups, foreign diplomats and considering Lumumba is sitting at the helm of toothless KACC. He will get bored and get a premature retirement for lack of action to spew his shakesphere at.
The new constitution campaigns were full of drama but not enough. Church leaders promised a good one but with the conservativeness associated with their good name, nothing good came out. In between there was hate speech hullabaloo which is still not clear. I am not sure if this is hate speech or not though it can’t be because I have not preached to anyone. Whoever interested will just read it. May be they should have hate read. The love witnessed between all politicians with exception of Ruto and few other individuals was a sure sign of boredom. Who will bust who if they are all comrades? It brought a very lackluster TV.
The promulgation came. Here nobody expected much but a surprise hit us. Our good neighbor who is on the same league with Charles Taylor according to ICC graced the occasion. Omar el bashir was a show stopper. The promulgation was forgotten and international community was on Kenya’s neck as if we had promised to finance Janjaweed to continue with the killing spree in Darfur. It fizzled out annoyingly fast and we were left wondering what the noise was all about. It fell below par according to scandal-meter.
John Mututho, he who looks as if he is high on something cheap brought the alcohol control bill and it evolved in to a law. Now some sections of clergy and citizens are not happy with that. It does not look like it will brew in to something but we the scandal loving Kenyans pray it does.
The new constitution has no provisions for provincial administration and honestly, many Kenyans expected the chiefs and their friends to pack their bags slowly and leave to start more profitable ventures back in their farms. Let’s say rabbit and hare breeding or tomato farming. Charcoal burning, sand harvesting and hunting are also some good suggestions. They can also contemplate suicide especially the ones who do not own any farms. However it is not so, some people in the government starting with the justice minister have their backs. They do not want to let them go. Me thinks Moi has some input in to this but do I say? They were his right hand men, weren’t they? This has potential to develop in to a nice, juicy scandal but we are tired of waiting. Why don’t a big shot heave in to his belly something really big? Say, get a good chunk of governments land and trade it off? Give us a reason to watch news again please, we are bored.


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