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I never classify myself as a political writer. The few pieces I have done on politics border more on absurdity than realism. They are products of a third rate blogger who wants to range on the class of first rate columnists who fill our newspaper pages with political hogwash. They give their views on anything bearing a slight semblance of politics. Some surface as experts of a scandal when a high profile politician who has ambitions which cannot be satisfied by a tax free salary and a number of allowances which total more than the salary decides to go on a democratic rampage. Using the power vested on him, he pulls up a stunt which gives political columnists unending flow of writing material. Since it is a column and not a news story, they will give their ideas and misquote rather straight and clear phrases turning them in to sinister motives. That’s why peace loving politicians who have the desire to retire as politicians should still keep the brown envelope on their palms ready for handing over to the deserving columnists in secret sinister meetings. They have the ability to kill a nice little political career. With the spirit of politics and columns, I have decided to write on a rather pressing matter which everybody is fully noticing. Since this is a blog and not a newspaper, I can go overboard without the fear of defamation or infringement of any kind whatsoever. Blogger does not have legal department.
I am talking about the hot issue of southern Sudan referendum.  I am deducing on the vested interests Kenya has on this operation. Our T.V stations are giving us minute by minute account of the weeklong operation much like the Kenyan referendum. I have nothing against the TV stations. However, I do not know why I get the feeling that Kenya is playing the big brother or to put it in layman’s language. U.S.A.  There is nothing wrong with this. We can look at the points which make Kenya join a league reserved only to Obama administration.
There is the little matter of the black gold. Southern Sudan is rich with this and greedy politicians are already envisioning the funds they will embezzle when oil becomes available next door. There are already plans for a pipeline to run from juba to lamu where a currently nonexistent refinery and a world class port will be established.  I pity the ICC hunted Omar-el-Bashir. He should have envisioned that Kenya fully supported the independence of Southern Sudan and laid blame on it.
Anyone with a memory as big as squirrels will remember the issue of hijacked ship MV Faina. Here the Somali pirates played my hero Julian Assange of Wikileaks though they were daft and unaware. Had they decided to let the ammunition laden ship sail in peace, southern Sudan would have received its supplies without any hassle. Nobody would know they were destined there. Then hell broke loose. Kenyan and Ukrainian governments started hiding the truth that they were heading to S.Sudan which is not allowed to purchase any weapons. Kenya claimed they were hers until a journalists camera spotted a RVR train transporting the same northwards. If Bashir has anything between his ears, he should have raised alarm then and decided that his country was being divided by external powers starting with Kenya and Ukraine. But i guess he is just like any other politician. Nothing between left and right ear. Kenya still poses other interests on independent southern Sudan. In a bid to be given the prestigious title multinational, Kenyan companies started flocking there even before the signs of referendum to cede it from the larger nation appeared. It’s like they have professional prophets or witch doctors in their boards. Whoever they prefer.
I also have a feeling that whoever is financing the referendum is sponsoring a losing venture. Billions of cash should not have been wasted on the project when everybody already knows the answer. No southern Sudanese national in his right mind can vote for them to remain in the larger Sudan. They have already made this clear. If there is anyone capable of not voting that way. He must be living in Kenya and went on to ignore Mututho laws. He who looks like he is high on a cheap stuff and it is not tea.
There is the possibility of rigging the votes because everybody knows this is Africa where democracy exists only on paper. It is a continent where there are multiple ways of winning elections. Were it to be a question on K.C.P.E it would go like this. Which is the best way to win an election/referendum? A.rig the votes B. steal the results C. Refuse to hand over power/country D. All of the above. This possibility should not be overruled and i sincerely hope the tallying centre is not in Khartoum. Bashir cannot let oil slip away under his watch!
With all the scrutinization of a political scientist [is it a science?!] i believe every stone is overturned and properly examined with my expert thesis. I wish my tall, dark twanging prothers and chisters [pun automatic] a peaceful referendum.


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