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Justice Nyawira was experiencing what death felt like first hand. It was slow and painful and not cool and calm as it was always claimed. She could not see her soul flash on her eyes fast as it escaped torture, no; she was losing her breath in short intervals. Never in her life had she thought she would die this way. A dog hit by a car on a highway was more civil.
The noose was tied on her legs and she hang upside down from the ceiling. Blood flowed to her head making her feel dizzy and blurring her sight. Her tormentor was a tall, black man with an overgrown beard. She could smell his foul breath. Right now she could barely see him because her sight was so hazy. She wished to tell him what was going on in her mind, tell him what she thought of him. A human beast being used by powers beyond its control to torture her. A vessel of inhuman guys who loathed their country and people so much such that they could do this to her.  Political bigwigs who only cared about their own selfish interests. But poor her, she could not. Dirty, dreadful tasting rags were stashed in her mouth, and then a gag was tied on top of them. Not a single gasp could escape from her mouth. She was highly thirsty; she had been on this appalling position for nearly an hour. She had not had anything for the last 24 hours. That was when she had just been captured from her residence in Kitsuru. How the goons had managed to penetrate her security detail which was government provided still remained a mystery. No alarm was raised and she was still wondering what the police guards were doing all the time. Her electronic alarm system did not raise any alarm nor did it detect any intrusion.
Her capturers had given her little information on the reasons they had her in their arms. It was clear they were under strict orders not to divulge any information. Or did they not know? Despite that, she was pretty much sure of her capture. It was what was running on her mind right now. Why would a government she had decided to help be so cruel to her? She had decided to fight for the rights of citizens and this is what she got out of it. The world could be very unfair! She was not the first among her peers. A few more special court judges had vanished without a trace in the recent months. Nobody knew where they were. Well, now she knew. She had followed them unwillingly. She presumed they were either in the same building or dead. The latter was more hopeful. The pain she was experiencing was too intense.
Lashes fell on her back at a choppy speed. Her shirt was already torn into ribbons. Her skirt had already fallen on the ground and only her red underpants were in place waiting to be ripped off by unending lashes. Did she deserve all this? Blood dripped from her body forming a little pool on the ground. The sight of her blood reminded her that she should not give up. There was more where it was coming from and she could not afford to lose it. She wriggled but it was of no effect, there was nothing she could do in an upside down position. She was losing it and she stared at her own death with her own eyes. If only the beast could relent. She would gain some little energy to fight for few more hours.
Her prayers seemed answered. Mojo her tormentor suddenly stopped whipping her and stepped back. He dug in to his pockets and extracted a cigarette. A cheap filter less roaster. He dug again and got a lighter then leisurely lit the cigarette. He examined her lean body carefully. She was too slim and fit for her age. A 50 year old who did not have an ounce of fat on her body. Not even on her tummy. Such a fine lady to die, but he had to do his job. He had a family to feed and a body to take care of. It was not an easy job to maintain a body of his magnitude. So justice Nyawira had to die by all means. And slowly!
A painful sensation burned on her left cheek, she turned to come into face with the end of a burning cigarette. It was carefully placed on the tip of her nose. Tears flowed freely from her eyes stinging the little wounds on her temple. She wished death could come faster. The burns continued on different parts of her body but the most painful were her private parts. The beast stripped what was left in terms of clothing and freely burned her. Starting with her nipples, he went on to burn her breasts and then moved to her vaginal walls. As tears streamed and blood oozed, Nyawira said her last prayers and told God she was on the way.
Mojo wondered why she was not dying. He was losing his patience. He came up with another plan.
The beast walked out of the room and she was able to gain her breath. She wished she could summon death the way she summoned witnesses in the court. He returned with a wheel chair and carefully untied her from the roof. What a relief? He placed her on the wheel chair and she thought her tormenting was over. She did not even struggle. It was just a state of disillusionment. She was tightly tied on the chair such that she could not move an inch. Not that she had any power to do it. The chair was then tied on a rope which was attached to pulley on the ceiling. The beast pulled on one end of the rope hoisting the chair hence her to the air.
The ground below her slowly slid to reveal a dark hole. Hell knows what was inside. Then she was slowly lowered in to the hole. She soon realized it was almost filled with dirty, stinking water. She was fully immersed into the water and immediately what felt was like sharp spines attacked her inflicting more wounds and pain on her body. Her head was above the water so drowning was not possible.
Mojo knew what rough tail stingrays were capable of. That is why he had chosen them as the last option. Imported from cape Hatteras, they were the best killing means since the guillotine. They were large and venomous rays with large barbed spines near the base of a thin whip like tail capable of inflicting several severe wounds.
Justice Nyawira felt the last burning sensation on her body before she passed out. She never woke up


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