Poems and thoughts: BLACKENING THE LIGHT

Saturday, February 19, 2011 0 comments

Will you plunge us into darkness?
Or redeem us from the light?
The light which is blinding?
Dark holes line our paths
You are twins in torment
We are grass to be trodden on
Came together in hurting love
You are afraid of severance
Because you don’t know what it holds
You have matured, from cool and liberation
To ignorant and obnoxious
Shape our history, into a nightmare
Which we will forever try to rise from
And forever fall back into
Don’t you know, the unjust law is no law at all
When you rise on the podiums
All over the country
Call scribes and cameras to show your faces
To proclaim your righteousness
Amass the masses, to follow your lead
Like obedient sheep, who think of none?
While I need no weapons, having the words
To highlight our disappointment
What will the common Joe do?
Voiceless and flattened, how will you hear the cry?
They say, the more things change
The more they remain the same
Aint this a live display of this philosophy
Which we secretly know it true
While we loudly proclaim it can’t happen
We have moved from tyranny to disguised tyranny
When the light shines again, don’t try to blacken it



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