Nigeria To Spend $50 Million To Celebrate Obama's 50th Birthday!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011 0 comments
I do understand our Kenyan leaders are dumb-asses and I thought they were the peak in stupidity. The following manouver by Nigerian government is simply baffling. Has Obama requested them to celebrate his birthday? Hell no!! Are they hoping to adopt him as their president if he loses to republicans come 2012 or it is just plain stupidity? While we are talking of impunity in our government here, this one lacks a name.

The Nigerian Senate has approved a budget of $50,000,000 to be spent on activities to mark US President Obama’s 50th birthday.

Speaking to reporters, the Press Secretary to the President, Mr Reuben Abati, explained that as the giant of Africa, it is only appropriate for Nigeria to adequately recognize such a milestone birthday of one of Africa’s kids done well.

He however assured Nigerians that even in embarking upon this diplomatically significant project, the government has taken measures to save the country some money.

According to him, the original proposed budget was $75,000,000, but Mr President, ever the prudent leader, trimmed it down to $50,000,000, thereby saving the country a whopping $25,000,000.

He declined to answer questions on exactly what the planned activities are, who will be in charge of organising them, and if Mr Obama or any representatives of the US Government were aware of the plans, but he stressed that the project was not the president’s idea.

Source: Naijapals


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