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Friday, January 13, 2012 0 comments

It’s 2012 and the galaxies are smiling down on me.  Giving me a breath of fresh air and sanity. Sanity because the search for a new job is always insane, and I spend most of my 2011 insane. The blue glowing bar at the middle part of my brain was never full, it was halfway and continuously blinking ………searching. I could feel the throb and the buzz most of the time, and if I stared at my image on the mirror long enough I could see the blue, creepy light emanating from my forehead. My ears also produced some blue wisps of smoke, noticeable under the microscope so I have never seen them. 
Apparently, this has all came to a gradual halt. The search is over. The bar is full, strong and relaxed. Now it glows green. The wisps have disappeared, replaced by occasional ooh’s and aah’s from the bar. These, I can hear, or else imagine. I have a job in some cool place I won’t name, really cool, far away from the noisy garbage that is city centre.

Here I am the resident web developer/designer/ writer/blogger. I have my own desk at the corner with this cool core i5 HP and a big screen. I have customised it to run on windows developer preview. It’s here that I have been spending the last few days researching, writing and designing crazy stuff. The biggest achievement so far is that I have convinced them to move to the next level of publishing. Interactive AIR apps, so I am transforming all their publications from boring Pdf in to this. The job has also thrown me back to social networks full time. I have to keep on sharing, following etc. Hey if you see a corporate follower soon follow back. It’s me working.

Many guys here don’t know my job specs so they are all assuming am the I.T guy. The first day I had to check what was wrong with two laptops. Hey, that ain’t my job! I only like writing and designing cool stuff and I think coding is a necessary evil. It makes me think a lot while designing is the work of the mouse. You just have to hold it. The same way keyboard does the writing. Speaking of writing, I have to post daily in their blog. Really hectic but I love it. It’s keeping me on toes.

I have not met all the employees so the scrutinization and conclusion of their personalities will start in the forthcoming posts. I only have a special mention for the intern and the receptionist, they rock. One last thing, my chair spins!


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