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It’s a slow day in the office, after the pumped up presentation yesterday. The work excitement is dead until we have something exiting to look forward to again. I am sleepy but I still manage to check my TL time to time to see if there is any news or exiting link I can look at. I have managed to get a few.

Read how Kenyans are active on twitter, second only to South Africans globally……..sorry in Africa. I don’t think we need a round of applause for this. It’s demonstrating how peeps are moving from Facebook in droves. Transforming twitter in to a village marketplace where every tom, dick and harry is shouting above the din. It was better when it was some sort of a private members club. Where you knew all your followers. Now it’s sending Facebook to the digital hell where MySpace is rotting. Though it will take some time, it will surely happen. Then saw @Wamathai’s update calling for anyone who would like their blog to feature on ‘blogs I like’ on his site to send him an email, which I promptly did. I have always admired the guy, the worst thing about it is that am always too shy to perform my poetry anywhere, apart from my room that is. So I might never feature on his poetry nights, unless a miracle happens.

Then as I was dozing off Uhuru Kenyatta and Muthaura stepped aside.I guess they have their full pay. Uhuru still sticks as the DPM. I wonder what he has stepped aside from. We all know there is nothing called stepping aside in politicians dictionaries. It’s just a dumb word translating lie low till the dust settles. Then spring back to your position with renewed vigor. It’s a fact that Kenyans have pea sized brains and they won’t remember why you had even stepped aside. While we are on it, is Esther Murungi’s promise to strip down long overdue? I am not looking forward to see her naked and the sagged tits, I just want her to keep her promise. This once.

Today is my last Thursday as a 21 year old. “kijana anakuwa mzee”. I don’t have qualms about it. I don’t miss yesterdays life. I am looking forward to future which looks really bright. This is the time I should be laying my new year resolutions. Something I do every year but I never keep my word. My 2012 will be devoid of any resolutions. I am just surging on with already laid down plans which never started at the end of any year.

My past year has seen me finish some of my education and venture in to job market. Got laid off from my first job and kicked the ass of my second boss. Now I have serious job where I have to report at 8 and leave at 5, sometimes 8. I am liking it, and I am thinking of acquiring a ride on two wheels. A mountain bike.

Minimal operating cost and very eco-friendly. The main reason for this is that Thika road……..sorry superhighway is driving me mad, literally. While on it, what will happen few years down the road when those flyovers will develop standard Kenyan road potholes. I envision a vitz disappearing never to be seen again.

Now as I venture to my 22nd year. I wish to forget all the qualms I had with anybody and get closer to God. Those are not resolutions for those who are so used to politics that they see double speak everywhere. Have an ecofriendly evening.


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