I am Writing...Again!

Friday, July 27, 2012 0 comments

Disclaimer: The following post might appear all jumbled up and without direction. It’s a celebration. It’s a winner for my writing, read on.

I haven’t been updating my blog(s). I haven’t been doing my stories.To be truthful, I haven’t been writing much. It has been nearly a month of non-writing and procrastination. Saying I will do it tomorrow.  This is the most dangerous trait. Every day I have been waking up looking for inspiration.  What used to work no longer does. Imagining myself shape-shifting is now lame. The other form does not wake up the creativity. I have been searching for ideas in other blogs. Sometimes I come upon something really interesting and I get down writing but I get stuck before I actually do it.

It frustrating and it has eaten up on my reading culture too. I have been reading Ryszard Kapuscnski  autobiography The Shadow of the Sun for more than a week. It’s less than 600 pages, something to do in a span of two days without compromising on my work. As I fail to write, life seems to pass me by. I don’t have iphone 4S yet iphone 5 is already here according to rumours. Apple or rather Steve Jobs loved rumours. His legacy lives on. I can’t get 4S when 5 is around the corner.

I am yet to experience Siri, the amazing lady who Raj fell in love with. I think I would have a shot too given that I don’t go dumb when chics are around. I actually say hi in a low tone and switch. Pretend to be busy but it never works. It draws more attention. Picture this, a group of chatty females have burst in to the room am working in, busy minding my business in after-effects or flash. They come and say hi, I keep a cool conceited expression and answer back. Then its back to Kitty Hawk. They were maybe expecting my attention so they just continue chatting. Soon enough they get bored, or they just want to disturb me. This is what happens ...suddenly a shrill voice on my ear, making my nose sweat, ‘’did you just do that?’’ One shouts in excitement, that is so cool. Damn it, they were staring at my screen, now I won’t work. I give a feeble ýeah. “Dude you are amazing’. Actually am not, I have had to spent sleepless nights to achieve a second of this perfection. Sometimes going over Lynda and Andrew Kramer tutorials over and over again. It’s not amazing, it’s working.  I would like to tell her, but my mouth dries, my throat croaks and my temple veins protrude, especially the one on the centre. This doesn’t matter to them. Their attention is now fully on my work. That’s how my phone gets to their hands, that’s how I have numbers on my phonebook I have no idea where they come from, and that’s what got me taking a girl out last Friday.

Suffice to say it was a disaster. She was all chatty and I wanted to share my joy of having downloaded all the star trek novels. 450 of them. Hell, she did not even know what star trek was.  You might want to insert uncomfortable silence here. She thought that I was insinuating she was dumb, I wasn’t, it was the reality. A meal, those greasy French fries and a burger. A combination so unhealthy but you must chuck an arm and a leg to have it. ‘Do you read...a brief pause...blogs?’ I found myself asking her. I prefer to watch music videos and Facebook, an answer, so shallow, yet delivered in smooth sexy voice which qualifies as an ingredient in making love blind.
Midweek I was invited to this speed dating event on Facebook. I declined, politely. I imaged having 2 minutes with a girl to say all I wanted to yet whenever am in such a situation my systems go. But then I figured myself there, in this balcony, which has a Juliet aura and here is beauty and the beast.
                Me: Hamm...Do you believe in aliens, oh let me rephrase do you believe in existence of other life forms on the outer space which might probably posses higher intelligence measure than humans?
                Her: What?!!
                Me: Next
And my speed date dream would be dead.
I am writing, 700 words in 15 minutes, how about that? Kewowo is back.


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