The Bubble.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 0 comments

Dreaming is bliss, so is ignorance. Sometimes I squeeze myself in to a bubble which enables me to dream of impossible stuff, okay, maybe improbable. I have come up with a lot of things out of this bubble, most of which are of no help to any creature in the planet. They leave me stupefied, mostly. Here is a to-do-list straight out of bubble.

1.Live to see a highly educated, deeply thoughtful, articulate, cool, non-tribalistic, techie President who has not dyed his hair black nor wearing a horse’s tail weave, and in no particular order, freeing the nation of its donor dependence, eliminate corruption in all forms that is it being an article, a noun and a verb, coming up with structures which can eliminate frequent hunger strikes (which we never notice until they strike) firing the Kenyan football mismanagers and getting a good coach, bringing order to our  health care blueprint of a system, resurrecting the economy, withdrawing troops from Somalia, reorganizing the  education system, finally bringing about an end to the mindlessness of tribalism, encouraging science, technology,arts and literature and not just from scripted speeches but actually breathing tech, firmly addressing environmental issues (in that case doing away with crack heads at NCC who have decided to bury us in garbage, I’d recommend they be exiled to the streets of Syria) and global warming, uniting the nation and the EA community  in a giant multi-cultural traditional gourd which leans on the edge of Nzambani rock in Kitui.

2. Finally figure out why cricket excites some guys like Clay Muganda while wondering who in the name of God named it after small creepy and noisy dark insect found in the unpleasant corners. Maybe the reason why I hate it is because of the name, not because of the timid nature of the game, who knows??

3. Share a drink with Chinua Achebe (probably sitting on an anthill safari ants biting us) then later talk to Dave Barry on the various dangers of colonoscopy, or lack of it to old geezers, before they tip over, Chinua and Dave. No offence

4. Have my electronica band which can rival empire of the sun I’ll call it empire of the galaxies, I’ll probably have William Shatner as a fan.

5. Take a cute girl out (in the leagues of Ashiwary Rai) without offending, embarrassing and killing  her self-esteem and still managing to behave like a gentleman, prior to this I have to attend acting classes and pay serious attention.

6. Travel to other galaxies, meet super intelligent geeky aliens, welcome them to earth so that they can disarm all the armies, U.S.A, and all the terror groups, cure all diseases, introduce technology better than super computers and lastly but not the least take me to everyday rides across all the outer galaxies. How cool is that?


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