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Tuesday, October 23, 2012 0 comments

Look, weeds are sprouting on the sides. It's a sorry site of affairs, derelict, poor, stinking ignored blog. It's not my wish, or the wish of my forefathers . Were they alive they would summon Thor's hammer to smite me. Believe they can, and am not the one to brag about such serious matters. I have decided to give you a heads up. Because it won't kill you, but make you stronger  bitter. As Chuck Lorre redefines it, speaking of Chuck Lorre, do you feel that Amy and Bernadette are spoiling the geek party? Keep that in thought, get your cerebral cortex working considering you don't do it much often. Tweet me when you get an answer and hey, the world would be a better place if you spend less time looking at shoes on Pinterest and watching riddim videos on YouTube.
I am becoming the prime victim of burn out, literally. Okay, I take that back, illiterately. See, it happens, when you focus all the strength from your eyes on the particular dark spot on your laptop screen, it happens. It's called a burn out. That's what this post has been all about. Now to other matters.

In Kituvu, that's the backwater village I originate from. The place where my forefathers saw fit to station. All our generations keep cursing them in their graves. Don't ask me why. There is a small church with a big name The Holly(sic) Ghost Temperature Fire Church (THOGHTEFIC). Mud walled with a loud congregation. A miracle resulted to a near death experience last week. New member, Suva, was being introduced to the congregation. The bishop laid hands on him and went on a long prayer which soon got in to Suva. Suva started talking in tongues immediately. Now, this is not something which everybody does though most reported incidents reveal that many talkers happen to be great undiscovered actors. And Suva was no exception. He soon went on a fit and the congregation watched as a miracle unfolded. The first time member in a holy spirit haze, the most unusual of happenings. This went on for a while, until it was discovered. Suva was having an epileptic fit.

My favourite band are launching their third studio album"sorry for the delay"  this coming Saturday. Here, listen to probably for lovers.  


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