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A few days ago, I listened to an interview on x fm’s mid morning show (can’t remember it’s name, this wenging chic who comes after Farheed) She was having a politician in the house. Somebody who is going to run in the 2012 elections called Issak Jaffer. He was talking on how he can play football or hop to the dance floor at Carni. He is a youth (39?) That is his campaign strategy. Youth make over 70% of our population and they are going to vote for the ‘youth’. Even Ruto thinks he is a youth, I think it is the alternate for dumbass. And Uhuru Kenyatta too. Well, they are the same age as my Dad and there is no way possible I can belong to an age bracket of my dad. That is completely absurd. Jaffer thinks we need change. Gentleman, we always need it.  I had not heard of this guy until I listened to the show. I don’t know which constituency he comes from. I visited his website. Looks like a political news aggregator. I regretted the few minutes I was there. I don’t know what this ‘youthful’ guy has done for anyone or has to offer but I sure don’t need a president ill meet in rave ogling at the chic I am eying.

We deserve better
Then there is this other dumb, idiot, stupid I bet he has an IQ slightly higher than an egg shell. The Mis-honourable MPig for Makadara Mike Mbuvi Sonko. It’s a shame to mention his name in my blog. He literally paid his way in to parliament. I don’t blame the voters, the IQ’s are even lower. This does not mean he was worse than his opponents. Ndolo’s chance to brawl his way in never materialized. Otherwise he would have knocked teeth, balls kicking asses into the system. Sonko’s forester was clamped by Kanju’s outside Nation centre. I wonder why he did not give it to them and buy a dozen other foresters. Instead he did something which even the lunatics in Mathare can call stupid. His henchmen (I refuse to call them body guards. Their asses should be hauled to court too) destroyed the clamp in full glare of the public. We all hate kanjus and their antics, but this is not the way to go about it. You are a fucking Mpig for Christ’s sake. Act like it!
He wore a wig, a dreadlocked wig. Damnit! Are you gay?! His attire like always left a lot to be desired. He looked like a motherfucking rasta clown. Sonko amekuwa mnatty. This sucka always says he represents the youth. I hate it to be a youth and glad my constituency is not Makadara. I do not know much about his educational credentials but I do know he has never set foot into an institute of higher learning. I do have this hunch that this is the main contributor to his stupidity. I bet the guy has never read the constitution and knows only a quarter of parliaments standing orders. I have never heard him contribute to a ‘witty’ debate in parliament. He only talks about non-issues like his stupid dressing (damn! I have used stupid here like 100 times)
Yesterday they hauled his ass to court. A good move. Charged with malicious damage (the same thing which characterized my first encounter with the boys in blue while I was in form three. We did beat up a matatu conductor and broke the windscreen somewhere in Athi river after one too many  but that is a story for another day) and stealing the council clamps.  This guy has in the past claimed he wants to vie for the position of Nairobi governor. Good lord! They should just lock him up for more than six months so that he loses the seat.
The next elections might find me living somewhere in Makadara constituency; one thing I know is that I will be the first to vote him out and campaign against him.


  • Erykko said...

    They seem to have this perception that as long as your political career was not already big in Moi's era you are fit to be called a youth. Thanks for passing by.

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