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The problem with political jokes is that they get elected.
Let’s talk politics, shall we? After all Americans are voting today and the TL if filled with Obama and Romney supporters who are trying a little very hard to sound funny. It’s not easy to make a joke out of something which is already a joke, so I would advise all to shun the entire political witticism and concentrate on more important matters like the position you are going to lie on your bed. It might make the difference between make and break of your feeble back. Or turning your neck like a depressed robot.
Personally, I am a big fan of politics. In primary school I was told everyone could achieve their dreams, even those of becoming a president. I did not believe it then, I believe it now.  All it takes is to have the gift of gab and many dimwits’ posses it. Ability to come up with big projects using big words helps a lot and so is the ability to explain why they did not happen afterwards. It’s that easy, that’s why you should start encouraging your 5 year old son to take up politics and look up to politicians of the day. The tricks he will learn will come in very handy in the future.
We will be going to polls come next year thanks to gifted sleeping Mpigs who fought nail and tooth, shed lots of blood, until they extended their terms for a few more months. Hence more money. Talk of selfless heroes dedicated to their bellies.
We will have a multitude of candidates, more than 20 guys seeking presidency of this small country.  Seeking to mess up the comatose economy we have. It’s a sorry state of affairs. We will have the array of choices, I pity U.S.A. They only have two prominent fools to choose from. As a voter you have a 50/50 chance screwing up, for the next four years.  We roughly have 1/25 chance of screwing up. This means that no matter who you vote for you will have screwed up in some way or another.
 I feel democracy is highly overrated.  After all Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is North Korea. You can call it Wadiya or Chosŏn'gŭl: 조선민주주의인민공화국. They have democracy in their name and lack it in everything else.  
That is why I am advocating for a new form of democracy in the near future. Leaders to be chosen in accordance with Foursquare badges! Case study. The president of Kenya will be the mayor of state house.  The conditions leading to that include but not limited to the state house being open to the public for a certain checking in period. The Nairobi governor will be K.I.C.C mayor and so on. If you catch my drift.
This will do away with unnecessary hassles which come with voting and politicking. It will actually be the end of politics.


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