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I swee and sway, in my rocking chair
It creates a feeling, a feeling of peace
I shield away from scorching sun, with my bare palm
But it turns hot, blisters materialize
And I leave my face, to absorb U.V rays
It is in the vein of highly penetrating ionizing radiation
My eyelids slowly come down
And cover my stare; I travel in to distant lands
The path is bare and barren, so are surroundings
I walk with bare feet; thorns have no mercy for my skin
The land turns rocky, suddenly the path disappears
High rocky valley is in my vision, I am thirsty
I commence a timid climb, I move a little
Then fall again, the circle continues
I bump on to a hornets’ nest, stings and painful suffering
I tumble down and lie still, then in my state, a voice
So small it is nearly imperceptible
I slowly rise, and I face a cheeky baboon
I give it a faint smile, to ward it off, lest it harms me
In response I get an awesome smile, more of a mockery to mine

‘’Mutema…..Mutema….’’to my bewilderment
It calls my name
‘I can see what you are going through
I cannot help but notice it
Your spirit is broken
And you feel the world has turned its back on you
That faint smile you give, is a well displayed frown
You are not as strong as you seem
Your muscles are weak, and your feet weary
They are padded by painful blisters filled with serous fluid
Your face is tear stained, tear marks scream like cheetah’s
Here, take my hand, listen to my song
I will lead you to your destiny’’

Amazement, disbelief and fear is all over my face
A baboon has just told me what I fear most
Just expounded and brought back what I am running from
Told me the startling truth that I abhor to heed
I reluctantly take the hand, it is rough and scaly
We walk downstream, and it sings a song
The song of a valley baboon
Sweet and relaxing, music to my ears
I do not even realize we are home
Till my love hugs me, and tells me
It’s time to take your pen again
I rock forth and back, eyes wide open


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