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There is so much hullaballoo about vision 2030 that I cannot help but envision it and boy, don’t I have crazy dreams? I understand that our government is fond of taking us for rides. We are the citizens so no complains. What if this entire vision 2030 thing was just one big ride? What would happen? Many of the leaders making noise about it right now will be in hell roasting for political injustices they committed. Therefore, we will not have a chance to question their lies. Meanwhile, I will stick to being a typical Kenyan. An overly opstimitic guy.
Here we go. Infrustructure will be over the moon. At least that is realistic. With the rate they are transforming our poor imitations of highways and constructing our flyovers, come 2030 we will no longer be Africans. Most of us will have squinted Chinese eyes as a result of their infrustructure invasion but black will stick by us. You cannot shed off a color so thick! I am not sure if the flyovers will ease congestion in the city. More and more people are getting cars and even more of them are giving birth at even higher rate. With advanced health care by then, child mortality will be a lesson in history books so the population will be threefold!
Marginalisment of women will be outdated. Men will be fightng for their rights and I am afraid, male genital mutilation [mgm] will begin existion-ending FGM. Parliament will have more women than men, which is not a bad thing at all. The worse is that men will be reduced to mere sperm donors. A woman will just need to visit a lab and a baby of her choice will be manufactured. A mixture of playing God and dangerous technology that reminds me of frankestein. Babies will be reduced to a mere piece of art, a collector’s item at a cost. Hell, this might even be deathbed of matrimony!
Politicians will have to pick new tactics for campaign. The usual blames on past regimes and historical injustices like British rule will still exist. So will be blames on the constitution, the one not carved from britains but made by kenyans with kenyans in mind but having uncle sam’s[he will be one of kenya’s enemies at that time] backing. Their president at the time of constitution making was a legend of Kenyan descent. It will be seen as too foreign to extend of allowing international treaties to infiltrate to it as laws. The biggest campaign tool will be environment. How politics will be able to change nature I do not know. It will not be hard to hear a sitting government blame the opposition for sudden dissappearance of rainfall or snow appearing on the streets of Nairobi in summer while it melts in Iceland or even sun boiling the ocean. It is for the same deplition of environment that big five will not be available at our parks or anywhere else in earth for that matter. They will only be available in foreign zoos and Kenyan’s will be rich enough to visit as rich tourists and see them when few decades ago they were roaming just outside the city.
Ethinic languages will be long dead and dropped for global languges like Chinese. The use of word ‘tribe’ will be treated as anathema. A user will be persecuted for creating disturbance in a manner likely to cause breach of peace and creating racial hatred to the peace loving world citizens. Never mind EAC will be gearing up for a nuclear war with Somalia to look for weapons of mass detruction and Washington will have long since wiped pyongnyang off the face of earth.
There will not be a widening gap between the rich and the poor. Instead, it will be called the widening great rift between rich and the poor that translates to this. Picture a Kenyan flying to work with a private jet and another walking to work. The great civilization will be on the right course.
Beauty will be mechanical. It will be an everyday sight to walk in to a restaurant and find 20 Angelina Jolie look alikes. Thanks to plastic surgery, this will be as available as a quack selling fake herbal medicine in river road. Body parts will be replaceble and it will be an honor to land a lady with her original body parts intact. From hips to eyes, china will have booming bussiness. Ugly women would be history.
Homophobia will be a thing of the past. Due to treaties signed outside the country but accepted here as laws it will not be an offence to declare yourself, your family, your pets and your property officially gay. The late night T.V shows will not have the over 18 warning but the content being shown will only be fit for over 35. Funny enough, this will not stop the viewership but increase it so much that major advertisers will be booking late night slots instead of primetime. Church and children rights group will be causing so much noise but they may as well be puking on their sinks. Nobody will notice.
The tyrants Microsoft and Intel will have loosened up and let us get what is rightfully ours. Apple computer and macintosh processers. Hopefully, they will even cease existion to the joy of consumers.


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