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A friend of mine recently asked me if I would have homosexual for a friend. A. Yeah sure, as long as they do not tell me. “You are homophobic” he concluded. I would like to state here that this is completely false and malicious assumption by my friend who is of misquoting people. He does not even spare those dimwits with a brain smaller than a miniature burger who sit in parliament chambers and start snoring while others struggle to be misquoted. He misquotes them. There is this particular unmarried woman who a while back decided to fry herself by suggesting that people infected with AIDS be locked up in a faraway place-like north eastern, without food and water till they heal by consulting Ambikle Mwasipile or they simply die. Like a lawyer on trial she dug up through the books and came up with the only case of the sort which happened in Russian lavatory Cuba sometimes back. I congratulate her scholarly and legal genius. She forgot that the founding prezzo trashed any hopes of a communist Kenya and we are man eat man society officially. The only resemblance we have with Cuba is bad leadership and suffering humanity.

A while back she had another controversial ‘please fry me’ suggestion that we let homosexuals live their life. This was not bad at all. They can live their live but they don’t know what they are missing. Religious groups raised hell by holding press conferences and counter press conferences. I think next time they should just take to the streets with the hand held missiles called a stone (or consult some guys in Eastleigh for awesome guns) and engage riot police in running battles. We are tired of university students having that monopoly. She later apologized but the damage had been done. She is worse that her colleagues and that is one of the many reasons she won’t make it again to the August house. She recently threatened to strip naked if Ocampo 6 were held in Hague which is simply ridiculous. Kenyans are interested in sexy, pot less clean bodies, not old junks. 

I have a suggestion for her if she hopes to have any face after it disappeared. Suggest that homosexuals should be captured and lined up to be shot as a new kind of a sport. After all politicians are known for double speak and you are no exemption. Nobody will take to the streets expect meager human rights activists but you will be already a hero to straight Kenyans. Offers will flow in for potential players who are so trigger happy their middle fingers will be sweating while they are reading this.

Remember, I will not apply to play because as I said, my friend misquoted me and I am not homophobic. I just pity them. They don’t know what they are missing


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