Sunday, July 31, 2011 1 comments
Its a dark night, very dark
Street lights hang loose, like old dogs titties
They gleam no more, glitter no more
They are long gone, they are blind, like darkness
Here crickets don’t chirp, owl doesn’t hoot
But a mongrel snarls, a car hoots
I stare out, the long winding darkness
Few lights, here and there
They seem to tear asunder, the wrong past
The horizon is bleak, it’s terrifying
Where I haste to move, steps of a drunk blind man
Something is pulling my behind
Putting extra weight on my shoulders
A ring once twice thrice, its morning
A cockerel does not crow, but am all ears
I am moving, forward, letting go of the past
It’s cremated, a whoosh in the oceans,
Small ominous cloud, in the bright blue skies
Then the start, the deleting, the spitting
I let go, and go, I am free
It was a wakeup, call


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