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Sunday, October 23, 2011 0 comments

It’s long since I updated you. I know it. I am aware of the reckless neglect I have subjected you to. I would like to state that it’s no fault of mine. I might lack the blogging mojo, be lazy or have writers block but those are trivial matters compared to the shilling free fall. The thing has been tumbling down at breakneck speed if you get my drift. I have been so much concerned with the fall to focus on you. I just hope it did not get lost in the labyrinth and got in to the bottomless pit mentioned in the holy book where there is nothing to stop it. We will be doomed, me and you dear blog. It will be the biggest disaster to ever befall us. 

I also blame the neglect on our forces war with al-shabaab. I know it’s for the good of our country. Those thugs were getting in to my nerves theoretically. Let them face the music though this remains to be proved. I have some worries about the attack concerning the news teams. National and international news teams seem to be covering different wars. A few days ago national TVs’ reported that few Kenyan soldiers had been injured by a rocket propelled grenade while in Indian Ocean. I switched to al-jazeera to hear of their deaths, dear blog, can you smell something fishy here just like I do? Another disturbing factor is that every day the footage has one lone army helicopter and some officials talking but saying nothing. Did the war only happen in one day and now the fellas are down at lamu holidaying? Just a well thought out question. Dear blog, I am afraid of Nairobi. Moving to shags till the war is over is a thought I am putting in to serious consideration. We know those chaps have a Mogadishu in Eastleigh. It’s an open secret. What if they decide to start bombing Nairobi? I am not a prophet of doom, but nowadays I consider city centre a war zone and I avoid it as much as possible which is easy considering my workplace is few kilometres away. The issue has clouded my mind so much that I almost forget you exist, dear blog. My apologies.

Another issue is our dear stupid politicians. Just last night I heard Ruto call himself a normal hustler, translated to mean hustler wa mtaa in swa. Dear Ruto, you hustle by robbing us our taxes , maize, land and a host of other paraphernalia. You hassle and hustle us. Some investigations are also saying that you killed hundreds of our brothers and sisters and rendered thousands homeless. Dear Ruto, you are not a ‘normal’ hustler. You are a thieving gangstalicious hustler. Your G7 friends are no better. When you meet Uhuru tell him hatuko pamoja in any way. Our dads where not the first presidents of Kenya and we don’t have billions in banks. Hatuko pamoja uhuru. We live in different worlds, me, my blog, wanjiku and you. Tell Kalonzo that his chameleon colors are confusing, very much confusing. I have more words for others like zipapa, wamalwa and the ilk but I’ll be wasting my precious time ranting about them. Just tell them they are the epitome of stupidity. Dear blog, the above mentioned pricks and others belonging to ODM and flower party are always invading my space. They are all I see whenever I switch on my TV set. I can feel them buzzing in my brain right now. It feels like hundreds of bees are residing in my head.


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