Stereotyping Dogs

Thursday, October 13, 2011 0 comments
I have two dogs, Ikunyenye and Kamwikithi.  Kamwikithi recently got lost, disappeared for his own reasons. I have searched for him without any luck. (Yeah, it’s him) He either decided to go on holiday or was killed by somebody. He can’t have been stolen, he is too big and fierce for that. He is bigger of them but slimmer. Now I have the task of getting a replacement for my German Sheppard. It’s not an easy task because I don’t have the guts or cash (one of the two, I am not sure) to go to KSPCA and get one.
So I have to shop around.
My options are pretty much limited, roadside dog hawkers are the first one. Their hitch is that you can never be sure of what you have bought for few thousands or hundreds. It might be a fattened mongrel, a mature purse (those dog-like creatures girls like to have around, with fluffy feathers and short tail, they are not dogs but purses.) or one laden with rabies from its ancestors.  The next one is getting one from a friend. Here I can be sure of what I have and if I am lucky obtain a warranty. If it fails to live up to my expectations within a year I can return it and get my money back or upgrade. I have a particular friend who can come very handy if I need any but his dogs are kind of weird.
The last time I got a dog from him was a disaster. It was an awesome bloodhound. Big and nice as they come. It was perfect protection for my ass as I used to walk to and fro primary school. It was my brother in bullying. Musyi as I used to call it had only one downside, time to time he used to treat himself to mum’s chicken. Very innovative if you ask me. Mum’s rage over Musyi slowly grew to uncontainable levels, the last straw came when he made away with the Christmas cock. Mum had had it. She orchestrated the strangle of my beloved Musyi, it was such a sorrowful Christmas.
Once again I need a dog from him but mum is seriously opposed to the idea. She believes each and every dog I get from him will be a chicken eater which is such a baseless stereotype. Musyi just happened to have an insatiable appetite. SAD.


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