Ten Signs You Are Watching Too Much T.V

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 0 comments
your not so cool t.v

10. You have dreams where you go by the name of Cammila or Alejandro.

9. A policeman pulled you up for speeding and you said you were working on a murder case with Horatio Kane.

8. You have unusually high number of beer cans in your fridge.

7. The expletives you utter when you get stuck in a traffic jam in the evening can give a saintly nun a massive heart attack.

6. Sometimes your eyes seem to have a life of their own. Squinting and blinking at most inappropriate of places e.g. when you were giving that important presentation to the funding board. A woman older than your mother thought you were having hots for her. She blushed, got extremely embarrassed and brought the pitch to a screeching stop. See how T.V can bring the demise of you career or even freedom because she nearly termed that as sexual harassment?

5. You think vampires are the coolest thing ever and your next boyfriend should be called Damon or have supernatural powers.

4. You don’t read nothing, period. (The only reason you are reading this is because your yak like brain thinks it glorifies the tube)

3. At one time or another you participated in those silly get-rich-quick T.V games and had a dream that you had struck the jackpot.

2. You actually find a way of pulling T.V programmes in the few conversations you have.

1. Right now you are thinking, is this creep writing about me, or am I just overreacting?


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