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Don’t you get annoyed when you sit in a matatu and the idiot on your side who is actually the driver lights up a cancer stick? It is pretty much annoying and you threatened to embark from the matatu unless he puts it off. This is not very effective. There are guys without enough balls to tell him off and they may end up having cancer in the long last when they have never bought any cigarette in their whole damned life.
Cigarettes have this warning on the side of the pack which tells you it is harmful for your health. Highly daft message. They assume the would be smoker would do this
SMOKER (To shopkeeper) Gimme a pack of cigarettes
SHOPKEEPER: Here smoker
SMOKER (Notices the warning label on the side) Ooohhh! Thank God I have seen this warning. Cigarette smoking is harmful to my health let me throw them away (Throws the pack away and walks on whistling and happy)

This will never happen anywhere on this earth. We need something stronger, something bigger, to banish the unwanted sick smoke from our lives and maybe we can live longer. They should have a legislation which allows your spit some phlegm on the face of any person smoking near you. Then kick him/her on the crotch whether male or female.

This is not highly effective because chances are that they will spit back on you or kick you back. While the kick might not be highly severe, trust me you don’t want a smoker’s saliva or phlegm on you. 

Here is the most effective way. The government should instruct cigarette manufacturers or Kenya Bureau Of Standards (KeBS) to install firecrackers on random cigarettes. Then they announce it on national T.V, radio and print to all smokers and would be smokers. It would be a matter of being jinxed if you buy the cigarette containing the firecracker. It would blast on your face and leave you wondering whether your heart will ever beat again and if it does you become cigarette-phobic. Am I not a genius?!


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