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Since time immemorial, men have been known to be allergic to housework. It all started with the primitive man by the name Zinjathropus. Son of Kate Zinja and Samuel Thropus.A primitive but highly liberated couple who used to spend their time in their dark cave eating raw brontosaurus meat and thinking of new ways to make babies because Zinjathropus was one wayward son who they assumed had an IQ of 36 but actually it was his brilliance that made them confused as we are going to see later.  The family’s cave like their neighbors was extremely dirty, littered with old brontosaurus bones, walls mis-decorated by primitive animal drawings which were done by Zinjathropus when the parents went out on a dinner. This is how he came to be known as the father of primitive, medieval and modern art. He was Leonardo da Vinci’s mentor. It happened one day that his parents were viciously attacked by an angry Trynossorous Rex when they had its daughter for sacrificial purposes and the remains for breakfast.  They died a terrible death because the village doctor was on holiday in Zanzibar. He was later fired. 

Now it was Zinjathropus and the world alone. He decided to get married. Cro-Magnon was a beautiful daughter belonging to Billy Cro and Anne Magnon. They died on a fishing accident and their bodies have never been found.  They were a very clean and highly tidy couple who passed the genes to their daughter Cro-Magnon. When she got married to Zinjathropus she was shocked to find the cave in such a mess. She nearly divorced Zinjathropus even before the marriage was consummated which was something Zinjathropus had been dreaming about since his birth. That is when housework was born.

Zinjathropus cleaned and scrubbed the cave while Cro-Magnon watched in awe. A highly chivalrous move which should be embraced by the modern men who wish to consummate their unions every day. Though Cro-Magnon stayed due to this and the marriage was consummated, Zinjathropus was not happy. The housework had left him tired and feeling highly female. But he had invented a disaster and housework had to be done every day. Cro-Magnon of course expected him to do everything. That is when his thinking part of his brain was activated, he suddenly started inventing stuff. This is how the conversation was every morning.
Cro-Magnon: Say honey, how about staying in the cave and doing the housework?

Zinjathropus: I can’t dear; remember I have fire to invent
Zinjathropus: I would love to but I still have to invent some language we can write in

So Cro-Magnon found herself doing every bit of housework till it became a tradition. 

Since then men have been coming with new ways of how not to do housework. For example becoming members of parliament, pastors, attending meetings, take power naps until they found the perfect excuse, BUSSINES! They always say they have some business to attend to in the morning and they go away to sleep in the office or factories till evening when every bit of work has been done by a woman. Sadly, since middle ages a chunk of women which is growing bigger everyday developed housework phobia like men. They are still yet to find an excuse for not doing but they have a lean on while the one’s with higher IQ think of something. PREGNANCY!


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