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It commenced with high fuel prices coupled with high cost of living. This has been going on for a while. Guys keep talking about it but they are actually doing nothing. Those dimwits who spent their afternoons in chambers of parliament keep enlarging their potbellies while cellulite fills up the women folk. They get the highest wages yet they know no taxman who takes what is legally yours before you get it in the name of strengthening the economy; well it is now going downhill at unstoppable speed while you get peanuts.
Today and yesterday has simply been nightmare for motorists. The petrol stations are completely dry. You should have seen the faces of guys queuing for fuel at shell, Kenyatta Avenue. It was simply pathetic and horrendous. There was a queue of cars stretching from valley road the last time I checked and it kept growing. What is the Energy minister kiraitu Kiatu Sura Mbaya doing about this? He said KPC has enough fuel reserves and Kenyans should not be worried. Mr. Minister, we are past worrying and it is much worse than simply worrying, we are dying. Where is the fuel KPC is storing? 
A guy working in industrial are earning 300/= per day is spending ¾ of it on transport because the few matatus available have tripled the fare. But he/she must work in order to survive, working for transport. I guess you and your fuel guzzler are fairly comfortable. Those reserves you are talking about might be in your own house.

KPLC has increased the charges even when they keep limiting the power. Apparently, KENGEN has noticed that water level in major dams is decreasing. Decreasing my foot! It is fucking raining sons of bitches and if anything the water should be increasing. This is a conspiracy to rip Kenyans of their hard earned cash when it is even not enough to see you through the thirty day before the pay check. Mr. Kiatu Sura Mbaya again, do you have any explanation for this?

Tomorrow (or today) COTU is going to march on the streets demanding a pay rise. I comment Francis Atwoli for this. Those dimwits skived Labor Day celebrations including our timid president and the right honorable prime minister. By the way what does ‘the right honorable’ mean? Why can’t he just be honorable like others? Does he have a special allowance because of the special title? Special my ass. 

The workers under COTU should not be alone in this, everybody should come out and we start liberation of our country. We have witnessed it in Tunisia, Egypt and it is going on in Libya and Uganda. Why don’t we come together for our sake and sent these assholes parking? It is high time we took the initiative. 

We lie down and burry our heads in the sand like ostriches and we continue to suffer. Our MP’s will never help us and everybody knows it. We are the only solution to this


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