Politics of foolishness: Why Ruto, Uhuru are against the CJ nominee

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 1 comments
Swahili have this saying that "Kila soko ina wenda wazimu wake' loosely translating to that every market has its own mad men. If you have Kenyan parliament as a market, you will have (mis) Honourables Ruto and Uhuru as the resident mad men. Remember when Sonko went to the house with a stud, stunners etc. Ruto was among those who supported him saying that every one has the right of dressing in whatever he/she likes anywhere.

Then here comes the CJ nominee, one great activist Willy Mutunga who spots a stud for personal reasons. This means if you don't like it you can fuck off and keep your blabber mouth shut. Ruto doesn't like it, not because he has anything against it, if given a chance he would spot a real ear ring. The problem is that he and his dear friend Uhuru still think the mass murder cases waiting for them at the Hague will miraculously be tried by a local tribunal. Sorry peeps, that ain't gonna happen in any way. If by a great unforgivable mistake this happens, they hope the CJ will be one of those High court and Appellate judges who answer by the second name of corrupt machines. They have been doing it since their appointment to their individual posts and they hoped to stretch it to the highest office. Kudos JSC for averting the disaster. It's time judiciary came at par with all the other arms of government and it's time politics stayed in parliament not courts.

Ruto and Uhuru should listen to their lawyers, you know, silence is also golden.Why are they making it too obvious for everybody? Even my late grandma can stir in her grave and say they have pea sized brains.

And in other news making headlines, Samuel Wanjiru was one great athlete who failed to master what every Kenyan man worth the name has already done. The art of cheating. There are  unwritten rules which everyman should know e.g You don't lay a clande in the matrimonial bed when missus is around, somebody will die among three of you. And he did. It's a shame to all penny less men out here like me, if a millionaire like you can make such a grievous mistake, what about us? And don't you think it was extremely early for you to tie the knot? 18 bwana? Kuwa serious but R.I.P.


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