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I have picked this from on of my Facebook notes I wrote sometimes back [Actually a year and a half] That does not mean its old. It means some stuff will forever remain the same and just be upgraded, not down grade or vanish.
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SPQ Means Sexual Promisquity Quotient
To get your SPQ divide the no of people you have had sex with, with the no of times you have been officially in love.
For men, a figure of 10 and above means you are a stud;for a woman you are a HO
8 to 10 for men=D.U.D.E;for women a SLUT and if under 35 a SKANK
6 TO 8 for men is a GUY;for women EASY
4 TO 6 is AVERAGE for both
2 TO 4 for men =WIMP;while for women that is a NICE GIRL
1 TO 2 for men is PATHETIC ;girls= VIRTUOUS
1(Meanin you were romantically in love with every person you slept with)makes men LOSERS while women are SAINTS
If you wanna make your SPQ active so that you can measure it dont hurt others or get killed in the process remember Jimmy Gathus AD Mpango wa...................................................jipange
If you don't comment on this i will throw a tantrum and puke all over my keyboard................Okey, I know that is more than an empty threat, you are free to do whatever pleases your cleaver or idiotic brain.


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