Diverse ways Ambikile Mwasipale [babu] can save Kenya

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 1 comments

This character from Loliondo has surfaced in the right time. We have just a year and some few months to general elections which call for all tricks in order to win. Here are some things he can do for the Kenyans and avert several disasters and loses.

1.       Those politicians who flock the coast, ukambani, Zanzibar and TZ Bara in order to win elections have their troubles over. They will not even need to drink the whole cup of the magic drink. A half is enough, come to think of it. A full cup can cure AIDS, something which no miracle evangelist can banish to the dark pits of hell leave alone our miserly scientists who are always fascinated by the mosquito. A small insect with a big name and even bigger effect.

2.       Our ‘brothers’ [read enemies] who are going to The Hague. I envy them, all that pampering and international media attention especially to that short shame to journalism, I envy them. They do not need to consult high tech witch doctors who will make snakes appear on the courtroom and render Ocampo dumb [its possible, remember kisii]. A visit to Loliondo will solve all their problems. Let them drink the medicine and who knows, the court files might even disappear Kenyan style.